Any feature that doesn’t help solve problems for your audience should be thought of as a distraction, an unnecessary obstacle that undermines the value of your product.

We should architect solutions around how much control is truly needed. Truly exceptional experiences are crafted when complexity is removed whilst the level of power and control is maintained.

So, a minimal feature set doesn’t necessarily translate into a simplified user interface. Cumbersome interactions or poorly designed user journeys can easily offset the benefits of removing unnecessary features. Equally, it’s sometimes necessary to expand the system’s scope to to reduce the internal design complexity of certain features.

— Jon Bolt, Complexity and User Experience, Boxes and Arrows

Dobrý článek a jsou tam odkazy na další skvělé zdroje na toto téma. Já třeba do teď nevěděl, že Ryan Singer (37signals), píše i vlastní blog.

Via @BerkaUX