Slajdy mojí přednášky na červnovém Barcampu v Brně. Pro otrlé můžu nabídnout ještě své poznámky (Google Docs), které vznikaly při tvorbě prezentace.

UPRAVENO: Videozáznam přednášky na SuperLectures

Pokud vás zajímá téma dluhů a finančních krizí doporučuji tyto knihy:

Na sérii Crash Course už jsem tu odkazoval.

Díky všem, co si to přišli poslechnout a díky pořadatelům za možnost prezentovat.

Microsoft’s Q2 2012 earnings report is in, and the company announced a record revenue of $20.9 billion — a 5 percent increase from the same period last year. Despite slowing PC markets, Microsoft’s Business and Entertainment & Devices divisions appear to have helped the company’s sales this quarter. Strong Xbox and Kinect sales boosted that particular division by 15 percent from the prior period, bringing it close to the same revenue generated by the Windows division. Microsoft’s Server & Tools business posted $4.77 billion in revenue, an 11 percent increase from the prior year period. Overall, the company didn’t take quite as much money home this quarter, though: Operating income, net income, and diluted earnings per share for the quarter were $7.99 billion, $6.62 billion, and $0.78 per share, compared with $8.17 billion, $6.63 billion and $0.77 per share, respectively, in the same period last year.

The big news came from Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live division, which posted revenue of $4.74 billion, a six percent decline from the prior period — drawing a line under the slow down of traditional PC sales.
The Verge

Věrní tradici posledních akcí, Apple přidal video do svého iTunes kanálu.

I’m guessing Apple’s pitch to the textbook companies is something like this: “Digital transformation of your industry is inevitable. Here’s our plan; we’d like you to come along for the ride. But if you choose not to, we won’t hesitate to leave you behind.”
— John Gruber, Regarding the Scope of Apple’s Education Initiative