Basecamp 2.0

But now we have ideas that are more revolutionary than incremental. We think these ideas will dramatically enhance Basecamp’s speed, power, and flexibility.

The problem is that we cannot make these kinds of changes in the existing product. Over time, software builds up legacy. The old technology is baked in, and the roots of the product are so knotted that simply unwinding them becomes a massive undertaking.

We’ll have two versions of Basecamp—the Classic version and the new version. Users will be able to switch to the new Basecamp or stick with the Basecamp they are already comfortable with.
After a year of hard work, this is all set to happen soon.

Jason Fried

Dneska jsme zrovna přidávali novou fičůru do Fakturoidu, tak mě napádá, že nechci vidět, až tohle bude čekat nás :-)