Ryan Singer radí produktovým manažerům

Ryan je produktový manažer ve 37signals, napsal článek Advice for product managers.

Deciding what to do

I try to lead every decision with user experience. What is the user-facing situation we want to change? Or if the motivation isn’t because of a user benefit, but a pure business reason — what is the impact on the user, and how can we align incentives so this at minimum makes sense to the user? This is critical.

The other thing is … often in software the thing we think we want to do isn’t actually the right thing. We have to imagine what we want, or stakeholders imagine what they want, and then it all sounds good — until you actually build it and try it. So it is critical to be skeptical of your own ideas and lead with design. Mock ups, stub prototypes, etc, that give you some first-hand experience of what it’s like to use the new thing.